THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Click to see recommended item > L689 (TU-2506V)
Bench Lathe
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    Forward Reverse Switch
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Order Code: L148
AL-60 (SIEG C6) - Bench Lathe (240V)
250 x 550mm Turning Capacity
Includes Fixed & Travelling Steadies
Swing Over Bed (mm)
Distance Between Centres (mm)
Spindle Bore (mm)
Swing Over Cross-slide (mm)
Digital Readout System Fitted
Quick Change Toolpost Fitted
Leadscrew Covers Fitted
Tool Height To Suit (mm)
Centre Height (mm)
Spindle Nose Size or Type
American Taper
Bed Width (mm)
Headstock Spindle Taper (MT)
Tailstock Taper (MT)
Cross Slide Travel (mm)
Compound Slide Travel (mm)
Leadscrew Type
Imperial Longitudinal Feed (Z-Axis) (inch/rev)
0.1 - 0.2
Metric Thread Steps & Pitch (No. / mm)
11 (0.4 - 3)
Imperial Thread Steps & TPI (No. / TPI)
27 (10 - 44)
3 Jaw Chuck Diameter (mm)
4 Jaw Chuck Diameter (mm)
Spindle Steps / Speeds (No. / rpm)
6 (125 - 2000)
Motor Power (kW / hp)
0.55 / 0.75
Voltage / Amperage (V / amp)
Nett Weight (kg)
A compact lathe of very modern design with many convenient facilities, ideal for the enthusiastic model engineer or with limited space in the work shop. A very rigid cast iron bed with ground slide-ways gives a high level of precision.

Featuring as standard a longitudinal power feed, quick lock tailstock and both metric and imperial thread cutting capability. There are many additional options available including a milling head to turn this machine into a very capable small all round machine. This machine is suitable for bench mounting, but recommended the addition of the optional stand with swarf tray. We are sure this machine will please the model engineer.
  • Ideal for small workshops
  • Precision ground 'V' bed
  • M-section Vee belt drive
  • 550W induction motor with reversing switch
  • Powered longitudinal feed and thread cutting capabilities
  • Sheet metal leadscrew cover
  • Hinged belt cover with safety micro switch
  • Chuck guard with safety micro switch
  • Ball bearing oiling points
  • Easy access fuse cover
  • Adjustable cross and compound slide gib keys
  • Includes rear splash tray
  • Accepts HM-10A milling head attachment
  • 125mm 3-jaw chuck
  • Face plate
  • Fixed & travelling steadies
  • Safety chuck guard with micro switch
  • 2 x dead centres
  • Set of change gears, metric and imperial thread cutting
  • Instruction booklet
Optional Accessories
  • 4 Jaw taper mount lathe chucks (L144)
  • Stand to suit (L143)
  • Mill attachment to suit (M151)
  • Lathe and mill package (K160)
Product Brochure
Instruction Manual
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