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Wood Band Saw
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    Quick Release System for Changing Band Saw Blade.
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    250mm Depth of Cut x 375mm Wide
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    Large Cast Iron Table with Rigid Rip Fence Assembly
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    Table Tilt Range from 17º to +45º
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    Industrial Triple Top Bearing Guides for Simple and Accurate Setting.
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    Industrial Triple Bottom Bearing Guides also Included
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    Cabinet Base with Internal Wheels with a External Quick Action Foot Lever
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    Easy Manoeuvrability with Simple Foot Lever and Lifting Handle
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    Table Tilt
Order Code: W856
Basato 4 - Wood Band Saw (240V)
375mm throat x 250mm Height Capacity
Basato 4
Throat Capacity (mm)
Wheel Diameter (Ø) (mm)
Height Capacity (mm)
Table Size (mm)
548 x 400
Frame Type
Motor Power (kW / hp)
1.5 / 2
Voltage / Amperage (V / amp)
240 / 10
Blade Code (Suits)
W856A, W856B
Blade Size (L x W x T) (mm)
2895 x 12 x 0.65
Nett Weight (kg)
Exceptional specification- modest cost outlay.

Professional users, serious home wood workers and educational training workshops will welcome the introduction of the Scheppach Basato 4 band sawing machine which offers an exceptional specification with modest outlay.

The Basato 4 emits nothing more than a low purr when in operation - making it ideal for even the smallest workshop but yet the cutting performance will satisfy even the most demanding user. It comes with two cutting speeds of 800 and 1200 M/min and working capacity of 250mm depth of cut x 375mm wide.

The most important work project can be tackled with the utmost of confidence.
Even at its maximum depth of cut the Basato 4 operates smoothly and reliably, always following the desired line of cut. The tempered precision 3-roller guide - both above and below the saw table - guarantees precise constant operation. This precision blade guiding system, together with the rigid adjustable fence (with magnifying glass and designed to be used either left or right of the sawblade) allows for a working tolerance to a tenth of a millimetre. Fence removal can be made from the top and therefore is quick and efficient.

Irrespective of timber selection, the performance of the Basato 4 never varies.
So - if you work projects demand the very best in a mid-range band saw, we look forward to welcoming you to the thousands of Basato users worldwide.

From the moment you remove the protective packaging you will know you have made the right choice.

Table Size 548 x 400mm
Table Adjustment -17º to 45º
Cutting Speed 800/1200 m/min
  • German design & technology
  • Twin 3-roller precision blade guides ensure precise cuts
  • Precision rip fence with magnifier. Conveniently inserted from above for right and left hand use
  • Patented table tilting from -17º to 45° with precise hand setting control
  • Large 548 x 400mm cast iron table
  • Massive 250 x 375mm cutting capacity
  • Solid rip fence with eyeglass for precise settings
  • Accepts up to 30mm width of blade for deep ripping
  • Quick release mechanism for quick blade change
  • For smooth running, the balanced and polished band wheels are fitted with a rubber facing
  • Two cutting speeds from 800 and 1200M/min
  • 2HP 240V motor
  • Cabinet base with storage facility and wheels assembly standard
  • A precise mitre fence comes as standard
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