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SW10 - Spot Weld Drill Bit - Ø10mm

Hexagonal Shank, 7mm AF
Double Ended Cutter
If you are in need to seperate & remove spot welded automotive panels or any spot weld application, then this little inexpensive tool would certainly make this job so much easier without damaging the underlying panel.

The SW10 spot weld drill bit cutter is very easy to use with just a few simple steps, firstly centre punch all your spot welds you need to drill, centre drill all welds on the top plate only that's being removed, then attach your spot weld drill bit cutter to preferably a variable speed hand held drill for better control. Then the easy & fun part begins, align the centre point of your tool on the pre-drilled centre hole, push down and start to carefully drill until you cut through the first layer only on all the welds, then just manipulate the panel away when all welds have been drilled. It is really simple as that!
  • Quality alloy steel double ended cutter - Ø10mm
  • Quickly remove spot welds in one easy cut
  • Retractable centre point for quick & easy alignment
  • Use with 1/4" variable speed hand drill or larger
  • Hexagonal drive shank, 7mm across the flats
  • Perfect solution for professionals or DIY
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