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D199 - VAZEY Drill Press Table

The Latest Invention to Up-Grade Your Drilling Machine
Suits Ø47mm Bore on Table Support Arm
At Last! Something has been done to improve the old drill press table that has remained unchanged for 40 years while everything else about the drill press has improved. This after-market table fits easily to most drill presses and offers 5 big improvements over the standard tables.

The secret to the Vazey Table is the way in which the placement of the critical elements intersect with the radius of the drill press column and the positioning of the central hole in the Vee Groove.

The table has two drilling positions which are set when the operator rotates the table to a pre-marked position in relation to the drill press column. It's not hard to do and precision is not even called for when rotating the table. Close enough is good enough to produce extremely accurate results which is absolutely essential when drilling to top dead centre through cylindrical work

It is quite simply an amazing advance in the design of a part of the drill press which hasn't seen anything useful happen to it in forty years.
  • Cast iron table design
  • V groove for quickly locating centre on round material
  • Strategically place clearance holes for wide variety of jobs
  • No clamps or jigs required, but maybe needed on certain jobs
  • Suits 47mm bore on table support arm
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