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WG250 Wetstone Grinder

In The Shed: Record Power WG250 Wetstone Grinder

Ideal for general household tasks and workshop duties — such as woodworking as well as sharpening knives and gardening tools — the Record Power WG250 Wetstone Grinder (Order Code: R895) produces impressive results accurately, easily and efficiently.

It’s the outcome of research carried out in conjunction with industry-renowned turners and woodworkers who examined other machines on the market and advised how to improve on what was available.

As a result, the Record Power WG250 Wetstone Grinder was developed with some impressive features:

Adjustable Torque
Some machines rely purely on the weight of the motor to apply drive to the wheel, but this can be lacking for more demanding tasks. The 160W/240V Record Power WG250 boasts adjustable torque, so you can apply the correct pressure for the job on hand or as the drive wheel wears.

Adjustable Speeds
As a grinder stone wears, its diameter reduces. On most machines, nothing can be done about this. With the WG250, however, the speed of the stone can be adjusted between 90rpm and 150rpm to compensate, or to remove material more quickly.

Friable Stone
When the abrasive wears on the Ø250 x 50mm, K250-grit grinder stone, heat increases and reduces adhesion. Therefore, the worn abrasive minerals come away to reveal fresh and effective new crystals.

Left-Hand Nut Thread
This feature ensures the grinding wheel is held securely, with no danger of unwinding.

Drip Guard
In addition to the polycarbonate water tray, the WG250 features a drip guard to help protect the top of the machine and re-direct drips into the main tray.

Integrated Storage Tray
It’s ideal for conveniently storing the most-used accessories, like the stone grader and angle finder.

The Record Power WG250 Wetstone Grinder package comes with an extensive range of accessories as standard equipment:
• WG250/C Straight Edge Jig
• WG250/K Diamond Trueing Tool
• WG250/P Support Arm
• WG250/R Stone Grader
• WG250/S Honing Compound
• WG250/T Angle Setting Gauge
• WG250/U Angle Finder

In addition, Record Power offers a comprehensive selection of optional jigs and accessories that can tackle most sharpening tasks accurately and consistently.

Working with blunt tools is frustrating and can lead to mistakes. Keep implements in prime condition with the Record Power WG250 Wetstone Grinder. Purchase yours online today!

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