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TiGer 2000S Wetstone Grinder

In The Shed: Scheppach TiGer 2000s Wetstone Grinder

Ideal for light household and workshop duties, and with a comprehensive range of included accessories, the Scheppach TiGer 2000s Wetstone Grinder offers pro-level sharpening and honing accurately, easily and efficiently

Working with blunt or incorrectly sharpened tools is frustrating and can lead to costly mistakes. Keep implements in tip-top condition with the Scheppach TiGer 2000s Wetstone Grinder (Order Code: W859). It produces impressive results with razor-sharp cutting edges on knives, scissors, chisels, plane blades and more.

Boasting superior German design and technology, the easy-to-use TiGer 2000s is the ideal machine for the professional tradesperson, DIY enthusiast or eager beginner.

The Ø200 x 40mm, K220-grit grindstone — which is also suitable for use on high-speed steel (HSS) tools —contains grains of aluminium oxide to achieve super-fine sharpening quickly. Included with this model of Scheppach grinder is a removable Ø200 x 30mm leather honing wheel, used to remove burrs after sharpening and give a smooth edge.

There’s an extensive range of accessories and rigs included in the package as standard equipment, such as:
● Universal jig for straight edges, plane irons and ripping chisels
● Jig for small knives
● Angle setting jig for measuring precise angles and adjusting settings
● Abrasive paste for honing

A sturdy body made of rigid plastic encases the 120W/240V industrial induction-type motor, which operates at a speed of 120rpm. It’s designed for smooth performance over a long period and sits atop non-skid support pads. The removable water trough is made of solid plastic, making it virtually unbreakable.

If you’re searching for a professional-quality sharpening system at the right price, the Scheppach TiGer 2000s Wetstone Grinder is the real deal. Order Code: (W859) Purchase yours online today!

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