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T-13S Thicknesser - Bench Mount

In The Shed: HAFCO Woodmaster T-13S Bench-mount Thicknesser

For sizing timber work-pieces to a desired thickness and creating a smooth, level surface at the same time, the HAFCO Woodmaster T-13S Bench-mount Thicknesser (Order Code: W815) is a must-have machine for any woodwork-shop.

It’s equipped with a capable 2.4Hp (1.8kW)/240V motor and features a material capacity of 330 x 152mm (W x H).

A significant advancement on the traditional design of thicknessers is the helical cutter head standard on this T-13S model. The important advantage is that its spiral shearing action translates into a much smoother cut, with less chipping and tear-out of the work-piece. Moreover, operation is significantly quieter compared to the loud chopping effect produced by a conventional blade cutter head.

The HAFCO Woodmaster T-13S Bench-mount Thicknesser’s helical cutter head includes 26 HSS (High Speed Steel) inserts that are quick and easy to replace using the tool provided. There’s no fiddly height setting required - the cutter height is adjusted by an accurate control lever positioned conveniently on top of the machine.

Two separate gauges feature on the front face of the thicknesser for easy reference to the timber height and thickness respectively. Firstly, the scale on the front of the cutter casting indicates the depth of cut being taken. Secondly, the indicator mounted on the lower side of the machine is a depth stop dial with four pre-set height settings (1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2) for finished board thickness.

Coupled with power timber-feed rollers, as well as table extensions to support long work-pieces, the HAFCO Woodmaster T-13S ensures an impressive warp-free finish. At the output end, the Ø100/63mm dust chute allows for connection to a dust collector, which is required with this model thicknesser.

Anti-kickback fingers are fitted as standard to prevent the work-piece from being thrown at the operator by biting into it when binding and kickback occurs. The four-post design ensures smooth, accurate vertical movement.

This HAFCO thicknesser is fitted with an NVR (No Volt Release) safety switch, which prevents the machine from unexpectedly re-starting after a power interruption.

Combining user protection, practicality and portability, there’s also the potential to pair this device with the optional UTS-1 universal tool stand (Order Code: W810).

The HAFCO Woodmaster T-13S Bench-mount Thicknesser is a well-built machine with plenty of power and performance to appeal to all levels of user. Purchase yours online today!

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