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SWIFTY Compact CNC Plasma Cutting Table

In The Shed: Swifty Compact CNC Plasma Cutting Table

The Swifty Compact CNC Plasma Cutting Table (Order Code: P9000) is a versatile, portable and easy-to-use bench-top machine with a variety of cutting capabilities – it offers incredible value for schools, art studios and smaller workshops.

Swifty CNC Plasma Cutting Table
This unit boasts a cutting area of 610 x 610mmm and is fitted with material clamps. It’s a water tray system for efficient management of dangerous sparks and fumes, reduction of heat distortion and noise, as well as keeping parts cool.

UniMig RazorCut 45 Plasma Unit
The inverter-based plasma cutting machine is manufactured using the latest in IGBT (insulated-gate bipolar transistor) inverter technology.

Sporting an in-built air regulator with preset air pressure, it produces a high temperature plasma stream providing effortless cutting of all electrically-conductive materials in industrial applications, including steel, cast iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminium and brass.

The high-quality torch features multi-position height control and moves across the plasma gantry on smooth-motion linear V wheels. In addition to being a safety feature, the magnetic breakaway head minimises the potential of damage to the torch.

Sporting Euro-style connection, the 240V RazorCut 45 plasma unit has a 20–45 amp current output, a typical duty cycle of 25% @ 45A / 100% @ 22.5A, and is tolerant to variable power supply.

Lightweight, compact and of robust construction, it’s enclosed in a strong metal housing with plastic front and rear covers.

M-30 Plasma Air Filter
With its 127 x 178mm (diameter x height) canister, the sub-micronic air filter is capable of 125psi maximum pressure and 45cfm @ 80psi maximum flow.

Swift CNC Software
The operating programme is supplied as standard, with conversion of any DXF drawing file to Swifty machine code possible thanks to the included 2D parametric library.

Stacked with features, the Swifty Compact CNC Plasma Cutting Table opens up a world of possibilities for users. Purchase yours online today!

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