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SHST-1.2H Shrinker & Stretcher

In The Shed: Metalmaster SHST-1.2H Shrinker & Stretcher

The Metalmaster SHST-1.2H Shrinker & Stretcher (Order Code: S2262) is a clever implement ideally used when working with metal for automotive, motorcycle or even aeroplane bodywork.

It can shrink metal for inside bends and stretch it for outside bends with ease at full capacity. Operated via a hand lever, the SHST-1.2H transitions between stretcher and shrinker modes in seconds. Included with it is a set of shrinking dies and a set of stretching dies

A versatile piece of equipment, the Metalmaster shrinker & stretcher is totally portable as well as being able to be held in a vice, mounted to a bench, or attached to the optional floor stand (Order Code: S2263) via mounting holes in its base.

It’s a ruggedly-built bit of kit, featuring toughened arms and pivot pins. As such, this shrinker & stretcher by Metalmaster is suitable for work within the following specifications:
● 1.2mm mild steel capacity
● 1.6mm aluminium capacity
● 0.9mm stainless steel capacity

In addition to the aforementioned, the SHST-1.2H:
● Works on mild steel sheet metal up to 18-gauge
● Works on flanges up to 25.4mm wide
● Curves to a 76mm radius
● Sports a working height of 60mm

The Metalmaster SHST-1.2H Shrinker & Stretcher is suited for repair work around things such as wheel openings, door jams, windshields and trunk gutters. Purchase yours online today!

Please Note: Images are shown with Optional Foot Operated Stand, Order Code S2263

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