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MTR-24 Mitre Gauge & Fence

In The Shed: Hafco MTR-24 Mitre Gauge and Fence

Enjoy greater options and achieve more accurate cuts or profiles with the Hafco MTR-24 Mitre Gauge and Fence (Order Code: W308).

This product suits panel saws, table saws, bandsaws and any machine that incorporates a 3/4" wide x 3/8" deep table slot.

The Hafco MTR-24’s adjustable aluminium fence is 335mm long (with an extendable stop to 615mm long) and 70mm high.

Whereas the fence lets the user make rip cuts, the mitre gauge allows the setting of angles to achieve both square and angled cross-cuts (that is, typically cutting a piece of wood to length, against the grain) as well as specialty cuts. This particular model mitres to 45 degrees left and right.

Get more out of your cutting equipment with the Hafco MTR-24 Mitre Gauge and Fence. Purchase yours online today!

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