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HF-35 Portable Magnetic Drill

In The Shed: HAFCO HF-35 Portable Magnetic Drill

The HAFCO HF-35 Portable Magnetic Drill (order code: D950) is perfectly equipped for on-site hole cutting in steel plates, H-beam-shaped bars, framework, ship-building, bridge construction and repair, steel reinforcements, as well as other metal-working and construction jobs.

This trusty tool has a 12-35mm diameter drilling capacity range through 50mm plate (maximum thickness).

Shown here with the optional broach cutter (order code: D109), the HAFCO HF-35 suits a 19mm cutter shank size, and includes a 13mm drill chuck as well as an adaptor for use of twist drills up to 12mm diameter.

Its 1.1kW (1.46Hp), 240V motor has a single drilling speed, which spins at 620rpm at “no load” and 350rpm at “full load”. This particular HAFCO drill is manually fed via sturdy feed handles.

The compact design includes a heavy-duty magnet boasting 1529kg/f (kilogram-force) of magnetic holding power.

Included is a coolant tank kit and safety chain, as well as featuring a carry handle. It also comes with a durable, blow-mould plastic case.

Manufactured in Taiwan and CE-approved, HAFCO magnetic base drills, such as the portable HF-35, are designed to meet productivity and safety expectations.

Arm your toolkit with the HAFCO HF-35 Portable Magnetic Drill.

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