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HF-15 LPG Portable Heater

In The Shed: Bromic HEAT-FLO™ HF-15 LPG Portable Heater

The Bromic HEAT-FLO™ HF-15 LPG Portable Heater (Order Code: F001) is designed to provide efficient, economical and clean-burning heat instantly.

With a heat rating of 15kW, heat output of 54 MJ/h forced air convection and operating pressure of 70kPa, this 28W/240V blow heater is seriously hot stuff.

It’s capable of heating an area up to 270m3, with a heavy-duty high-output fan offering maximum heat circulation.

The fan-forced HEAT-FLO™ Series unit employs a manual ignition system to ignite the LPG burner. In the case where the heater may experience a loss of flame or power supply, its automatic safety shut-off feature kicks in.

It’s ready to use straight out of the box thanks to simple connection (the hose and regulator are included). Rugged, durable steel construction means this IP44-rated heater is manufactured to last. Plus, its lightweight, compact design makes for easy handling.

The Bromic HEAT-FLO™ HF-15 LPG Portable Heater is a quality piece of equipment. This is a NEW product release at Machineryhouse.
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