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HC-1T - Hydraulic Engine Crane

HC-1T - Hydraulic Engine Crane - Buyer's Guide

Modern car engines are very difficult to work on without removing the entire engine, and the blocks are far too heavy to move without some assistance. Engine cranes as well as engine tilters make the impossible quite easy.

Comparing our HC-1T Hydraulic Engine Crane against other engine cranes on the market. Although they look the same and have similar spec’s we would like to show you some points that matter when selecting an engine crane, as buying cheaper doesn’t always give you the results you are looking for and can end up costing you more in time and effort to achieve the same results.

Things to think about before you purchase:
- The engine cranes capacity should suit your engines weight or objects you will be lifting and have the jib height and reach you require.

- Don’t get caught short or find yourself modifying your engine crane to achieve the lift height or reach you need. This could cause crane failure and lead to serious injury. “Don’t go for cheap over functionality”

- A Dual action pump:
Makes the lifting pace quicker than most chain hoists. This double action pump ensures a smooth action and has twice the speed of a single action pump.

- Stability / Safe lifting and moving:
Don’t get caught short – check the length of the legs and jibs before you purchase as some engine cranes have shorter legs and jibs which takes away safety and stability when lifting or moving objects around.

On each side, you will also notice the steel support legs are much longer and made from a thicker steel tube that offer additional stability.
The 70x70mm square tube steel legs are 3.8mm wall thickness, compared to other cranes on the market that have 50x70mm and only 3.2mm wall thickness. When comparing to other models on the market the extra wall thickness and longer jib & legs adds 20kg in gross weight.
This engine Crane uses an 8 Tonne hydraulic ram to provide reliable power to its boom. The HC-1T engine crane has been load tested to 2 Tonne and allows a maximum safe working load lift capacity of 1000kg. The frame moves on six fully rotating steel caster wheels for optimum mobility.

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