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Bestcombi Kity 2000 - Combi Wood Worker Machine

Ø200mm Saw Blade, 200 x 200mm Thicknesser
200mm Planer, Ø30mm Arbor Spindle Moulder
The circular saw enables to cut varying wood pieces and panels. Straight cuts are made with the use of the rip fence. The cut is made while using the carriage at 90º to 45º with the help of the mitre guide.
The Planer provided a perfect flat, straight and well finished surface and edge to the timber. The precision of the planing ensures the result of the following multiple operations such as thicknessing, moulding, tenoning and mortice.

The Thicknessing is the step which follows the planing after the wood has been planed on the surface and one edge. This piece has then to be thicknessed to obtain the exact thickness and width over the whole length. Thicknessing capacity 195mm, thicknessing height 4-200mm. (For stock removal), Declutchable wood feeding.
The Morticer is designed to make mortice joints of holes which are necessary for robust assembly of the work piece. Morticer with 2 levers and chuck Ø10mm. The table of the morticer can be independently moved upwards and downwards.

The spindle moulder is the machine which makes possible to realise a great variety of mouldings and personalised work. The various profiles and mouldings are machined on straight wood pieces, on curved edges in small and great dimensions. Tenons are also machined using the spindle and the special tenoning sliding carriage.
  • A comfortable working capacity in a minimum space
  • Planer capacity 200mm
  • Thickness capacity 195mm
  • Tilt arbor to 45º
  • Ø30mm spindle arbor
  • Complete with 3 independent motors which have overload protection
  • General switch on
  • The choice of the operation is made by mean of a selector. Transition from one function to another without changing the belt
  • Choice of the function switches and elements are placed in the most ergonomic position
  • TABLE SAW - 1100W Brake motor, Ø200mm saw blade, mitre guide and parallel fence
  • SPINDLE MOULDER - 1500W motor, Guard with fine adjustment, table inserts and spindle spacer set
  • CROSS-CUT CARRIAGE - Sliding table overhead clamp, repeat cut flip stop
  • PLANER THICKNESSER - 1500W motor, Knives mounted and set, Parallel fence (same for saw and planer), with 100mm dust outlet & guard fitted with safety micro switch
  • MORTICER ATTACHMENT - Chuck with key
  • Enclosed Cabinet
  • Rip Fence
  • Mitre guide
  • Push Stick
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