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SHC6-28 - Spiral Cutter Head with Carbide Inserts

4 x Spirals with 28 Carbide Inserts
Suits PT-6 Planer
The SCH6-28 spiral cutting head includes 28 pre loaded carbide inserts ready to install into your planer. This type of cutter head is designed to greatly reduce the cutting resistance that occurs under full load. Another notable advantage of installing a spiral cutter head to your machine is that it generally requires less horsepower of your motor to cut and therefore increasing motor life.

These spiral cutter heads are capable of cutting knotty wood, stringy wood and hardwood. If one insert edge is damaged you can rotate it to another edge as each insert has four cutting edges. The spiral cutter head generally produces smaller wood shavings/chips and much quieter cutting action compared to the conventional HSS cutters.
  • Retro fits to selected Hafco planers
  • 4 x spiral head with carbide inserts
  • Heads are pre-loaded with 28 carbide inserts
  • Cutter head capable of rebating
  • 5 x additional carbide inserts
  • 5 x additional insert screws
  • 2 x sealed Japanese bearings
  • 2 x torque keys
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