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Multi-Function Welder-MIG-TIG-MMA - Water Cooled
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PULSE MIG 500K DUO (SWF) INVERTER - Multi-Function Welder-MIG-TIG-MMA - Water Cooled (415V)
20-500 Amps
Voltage (V)
Recommended Plug Amperage (amp)
Welding Current Range MIG (amp)
20 - 500
Welding Current Range MMA (amp)
20 - 500
Welding Current Range TIG (amp)
10 - 500
Duty Cycle
60% @ 500amp
Wire Spool Size (kg)
5 & 15
Ferrous Wire Size - Range (mm)
0.8 - 1.6
Stainless Steel Wire Size - Range (mm)
0.8 - 1.6
Aluminium Wire Size - Range (mm)
1.0 - 1.6
Dimensions (mm)
340 x 400 x 620
Nett Weight (kg)
High Productivity Welding Solution
MIG -TIG - MMA - 500 Amp DC Welder - with SWF & Water Cooled
Synergic / Pulse / Double Pulse

The MULTI-500K is a complete and powerful multifunction DC inverter welding machine - 3 phase 400V.
An industrial machine with multiple welding functions including Pulse Mig, Double Pulse Mig, High Speed Mig, DC Tig, and DC MMA (Stick). User friendly programs with synergic function are provided for all the welding processes making it suitable for even the inexperienced user. The Multi-500K encompasses all facets of the new PLUS CONCEPT technological development. PLUS CONCEPT is an innovative solution that is revolutionising the welding industry. Now, high effificiency welding is possible with Gas Metal Arc Welding,
Pulse Arc and standard applications. The forced dynamism of the PLUS CONCEPT achieves an ultra fast transfer droplet rate into the weld pool giving surprising results, it increases signifificantly the welding speed (up to 45%) and, at the same time, it increases the penetration of the weld. Higher speed, better penetration and less spatter means less energy used during the deposit and reduced deformation during the welding. Using the Double Pulse function provides the ability to produce welds with TIG like finish with excellent control over the weld pool. The Multi-500K is a professional industrial machine that is supplied complete with trolley with gas bottle support, also with Push Pull Torch interface connection. Ideal for boat building, heavy fabrication and general engineering, sheet metal workshops, stainless steel fabricators, transport engineering, panel beaters, repair and maintenance workshops, Designed and built to meet with European norms conformity.

The Ergonomic and Auto Learning System is used in the powerful front panel interface where welding mode selection, program selection, adjustments and special settings coexist in a rugged panel, whereby a simple touch the user can instantly see the results they have selected.

Plus Concept Benefits:
The forced dynamism of the PLUS CONCEPT achieves an ultra fast transfer droplet rate into the weld pool giving surprising results: it increase significantly the welding speed (up to 45%) and, at the same time, it increases the penetration of the weld. Higher speed, better penetration and less spatter means less energy used during the deposit and reduced deformation during the welding.

Full Deeper Penetration:
Full penetration and greater depth of penetration in thicker materials can be obtained with the new PLUS CONCEPT programs. The increase in the arc transfer speed allows the welding of materials up to 15mm in one pass, with only a narrow gap, eliminating costly weld preps. This new process maintains the arc stability and allows long stick-out to enable the welding to be completed in a single pass. With this solution, due to the increased welding speed, a lot of time is saved and the energy required for the same weld is much less. Faster welding and energy reductions mean greater reduction of the distortion of the work-piece. Using PLUS CONCEPT in the application of heavy industry greatly improves the quality and notably reduces production costs.

High Speed Pulse Mig Application:
PLUS CONCEPT has available Pulse programs for most materials with better weld control and a smoother arc. Special waveforms and very fast dynamics increase the weld ability of all materials. A precision arc, smoother waveform and high frequency transfer allow a precise arc with lower pressure in the welding pool. As a result, the welding speed is increased up to 45% with the same arc energy as found in standard machines. The simplicity of the pulse control setting allows a fast approach to any welding, irrespective of the thickness and this results in a colder weld with exceptional appearance. Up to now, in certain applications where the pulse mig process would not be recommended, because of the higher heat in the join (compared to conventional welding), but now it is possible to improve quality and efficiency with the use of the new PLUS CONCEPT. Arc noise emissions are reduced with the smooth waveform in Pulse Mig too. It allows higher current applications without the typical loud noise of the arc.

Double Pulse Program:
The DOUBLE PULSE program can be easily selected. A simple click in the front panel will switch from a standard pulse application to the advanced and fast double pulse without any other settings required from the operator. The frequency of the DOUBLE PULSE is easily adjusted from 0.5 to 4.0 pulses per second. DOUBLE PULSE offers more control over the weld pool improving out of position welding, better controls distortion and gives excellent wash and even leg length on fi llet welds, an added bonus is the improved cosmetic appearance of the weld likened to a TIG fi nished weld.

Mig Brazing:
Programs for brazing are easy to use and covers special applications for the car industry and any welding with zinc steel.

Multi Function:
PLUS CONCEPT is not only an Innovative fast Pulse and fast MIG-MAG machine but MMA and TIG mode are also available. The MMA and TIG function are top level technology and offer professional results for expert users. MMA and TIG mode has both manual and synergic adjustment, when the Synergic mode is selected, the user selects the welding process, which enables self regulation of the welding parameters by simply selecting the work-piece thickness. Special Lift arc start is used for tig arc ignition which makes the use of high frequency negligible. Remote control receptacle is available for connection of remote amperage controls.

Separate Wire Feed Unit
A robust and industrial concept has been developed for outside use whilst maintaining complete fl exibility and full operation. The machines can be developed according to the needs of the user. From a simple compact air cooled torch solution, to a machine complete with cooler unit, an external wire feeder can be connected for dual applications, the addition of a Push Pull Gun is simply done via our plug and play connection. Any extra accessory is auto recognised and then auto installed by the central process control and works in the correct mode without the input or knowledge of the operator. E.g. Water cooling unit starts and stops alone only when it is necessary. The central controls monitor any function of the equipment and accessories and alert the user, on the front panel, every time something needs checking. Connection of the optional separate wire feeder, provides dual independent wire feed operation from the machine. The digitally controlled wire feeder can feed any kind of wire with high effi ciency. It is completely independent from the power source, a digital communication connects the wire feeder control to the power source and compensates the resistance of the interconnecting cable. An innovative communication system allows the use of interconnecting cables up to 50 meters without affecting the arc. All the welding parameters are easy to set via the front panel of the wire feeder eliminating the need to go to the power source.
The wire feeder is robust and developed also for on site welding and is constructed to be lightweight and portable. It can be used with undercarriage wheels for easy movement in the welding area or it can be located on a turning support fixed to the top of the machine. The dimensions are as small as possible, but for a special use where weight must be reduced an adaptor to accept smaller spools of wire is available. With this adaptor and a 5kg spool of wire installed the maximum weight is 13kg and this solution is the lightest for off shore, on site transportable requirement. The wire feeder is also ideal for stationary applications where the compact dimensions are important.
  • New "Plus Concept" Technology
  • Latest European IGBT Inverter Technology
  • High Speed Synergic Pulse Mig
  • Synergic Mig Double Pulse
  • High Speed Mig/Mag
  • DC Tig with Manual and Synergic Programs
  • MMA with Manual and Synergic Programs
  • VRD Safety (Voltage Reduction Device)
  • 2/4T Trigger Functions
  • Up Slope - Down Slope
  • Variable Start Current and Crater Current
  • Simple selection of welding programs
  • Simple interface for easy operation
  • Accepts wide voltage supply variations (170-270V)
  • Separate Wire Feed
  • SB36-3M MIG Torch
  • Argon Regulator
  • 4M Earth Lead
  • 4M Arc Lead
  • Gas hose
  • Gas Hose with Fittings
Product Brochure
Multi Pulse Machines - Brochure
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