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Auto Darken Welding Helmet
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Order Code: W158
UMGWH - Auto Darken Welding Helmet
9-13 Shade
Viewing Area (mm)
96 x 42
Arc Sensors (No.)
DIN 9 ~ 13
Shade Control
External, Variable Shade
Power On/off
Fully Automatic
Sensitivity Control
Adjustable Dial Knob
UV/IR Protection
UpDIN 13
Helmet Power Supply
Solar Cell, No Battery
Change Required
Switching Time Light To Dark
1/10,000 Second
Delay Time Dark To Light (Seconds) (sec)
0.1 ~ 0.9 (via Dial)
TIG Rated Minimum (amp)
Grinding Function (Yes / No)
Operating Temperature (ºC)
-10ºC ~ 55ºC
Storing Temperature (ºC)
-20ºC ~ 70ºC
Helmet Material
High Impact Polymer
Total Weight (g)
Application Range
Mig, Tig, Arc Welding,
Plasma Cutting
GRAPHIC - Auto Darken WELDING HELMET:The automatic welding helmet is a new generation product for labor protection. Some new and high science and technology such as LCD, optoelectronic detection, solar power, microelectronics, etc are integrated into it. The automatic welding helmet not only can efficiently protect operator's eyes from injuries caused by arc, but also can make both hands free and strike arc accurately. Therefore, the quality of products and work efficiency may be raised considerably. It may be widely used for various welding, cutting, spraying and arc gouging, etc.

UMGWH automatic welding helmet is equipped with a filter set that can become dark. The filter is transparent before welding, so the operators may observe the work surface clearly. When striking arc, the filter darkens automatically immediately. When arc goes out, the filter will become transparent again. The switching time from light to dark is about 0.0001 second. The switching time from dark to light may be set up within 0.1-0.9 second. The mask is equipped with continuous darkness-adjusting unit, so the operator may select an arbitrary dark shade number ranging from No.9 to No.13.

UMGWH automatic welding gives the operators permanent complete protection against UV/IR even in transparent condition. The UV/IR protection level is up to DIN13 in all time. The power is provided by solar cells, so user is exempted from changing battery, turning on or off power and any other operation.
The mask is equipped with 2 sets of photo sensors to sense arc light. In addition, the helmet is also provided with an outer protection plate made of high polymer materials. The plate is wear-resistant, thermo-stable, and has no dregs-sticking, thus a very long service life.
  • Suitable for MIG,TIG, Plasma, Arc welders
  • Automatic activation in 1-10000sec
  • Viewing area shades 96 x 42mm
  • Dark shade number 9-13
  • Light shade number 4
  • UV / IR Protection -UPDin 13
  • Suitable for stick, Mig & Tig
  • Adjustable reopening delay 0.1-0.9 sec
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Power supply solar cell
  • Operating temperature -5ºC-55ºC (23ºF-131ºF)
  • Filter dimensions 110 x 90 x 8mm

  • Includes:
  • Helmet Bag
  • 2 extra lenses
  • 2 extra sweat bands

Product Brochure
Shade Guide Table
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