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Mini Gas Disposable Cylinder
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Order Code: W120
CO2 - Mini Gas Disposable Cylinder
Special Courier
Bottle Size
1120 Grams
Delivery Method
Special Courier
CO2 - This gas is used for general purpose mild steel welding where economy takes preference over the actual finish of the weld. CO2 is a "cold" gas and has a chilling effect on the weld pool. Because of this chilling effect of the gas a higher power setting is required. The advantage of CO2 is economy a 390 gram cylinder will last approx three times as long as the equivalent Argon/CO2 mixture for a similar price.

Avoid costly rental payments for large gas bottles and increase the portability of your MIG machine by using a disposable gas bottle.
If you want to change to weld aluminium, simply use the pure Argon gas with aluminium wire.

Pressurised container:
- Use with care and do not expose to the sun or temperatures exceeding 50 deg.C
- Keep out of children's reach
- It cannot be reused
- Dispose of it correctly
- Connect to the regulator and seal by hand only
- Never drop oil or grease into the connection or regulator.

WARNING: Non refillable bottle

Remove protective plastic cap from top of the bottle. Screw the gas bottle regulator down (clockwise) onto the bottle. Do not force or over tighten. If the gas does not flow, remove and re-fit the regulator. After use un-screw the regulator. The bottle is self-sealing.
  • TARE: 1120G
  • VOLUME: 950cc
  • PRESSURE: 36 Bar @ 0ยบ C
  • CONTENTS: MAX 390g CO2
  • UN. Nr. 1013 - Class / DIV. 2.2 ARD/RID 2,2A
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