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Made in Italy

AS400 - Anti-Spatter Spray

Silicon & Benzene Free - Paintable
ANTI SPATTER 400g Spray Can:Silicon Free, Non Flammable, Contains No CFC'S

UNIMIG Anti-Spatter Spray is engineered to protect parts, tooling, and fixtures from spatter build-up. A convenient solvent-based, quick-drying aerosol that allows for pre-heat, higher duty cycles, and higher temperature applications. Excellent for fixture and tooling protection. The special formula allows surface painting after use. Base metal and fixture applications become easier to clean and remove unwanted weld spatter. UNIMIG AS400 Anti-Spatter Spray is anhydrous without silicone. You can use it both on the torch and on the pieces to weld. Wait for the evaporation of the solvent before welding. Product is for industrial and professional use only. Use only in a well-ventilated areas.
  • Prevents spatter adhesion to gas nozzles and surface adjacent to the weld
  • Provides full surface protection during welding
  • Silicone Free - Benzene Free - Non Flammable
  • Made in Italy
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