Order Code: V3221

CQV-160V - Compact Power Machine Vice

160 x 300mm
Compact design power vice that allows you to set a pre-set pressure which is repeated each time you close the vice.
Mechanically operated with a two speed system.
  • Clamping system mechanical power
  • Clamping power indicating graduations are engraved on the vice handle to show instantly the figure of clamping force in tons
  • Semi-spherical segment eliminates jaw lifting and work piece tilting
  • Rigid-material Ductile line FCD600 JIS (equal to GGG-60) with
  • 60 kilograms / MM2 or 80 thousand PSI tensile strength
  • Vice bed flame hardened to HRC45°
  • Chip covers on each vice prevent chips falling into leadscrew

  • 0 = 5(490) KN(kgf)
  • 1 = 12(1176) KN(kgf)
  • 2 = 21(2058) KN(kgf)
  • 3 = 43(4214) KN(kgf)
  • 4 = 54(5292) KN(kgf)
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