Gasketing Compound
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8510-50 - Gasketing Compound
High Temperature Flange Sealant, Chemical Resistant
Gasketing Compound
High Temperature
Flange Sealant,
Chemical Resistant
Cure Time
Handling Cure Time:
Unprimed: 30min - 4hours
Primed: 2 - 8hours
Viscosity (cps)
188,000 / 500,000
Gap Fill
Unprimed: 0.25mm
Primed: 0.50mm
Temperature Range
-55ºC to 205ºC
High Temperature Flange Gasket Sealants

8510 is a high temperature, chemical resistant anaerobic gasket sealant, which develops medium strength in a short time. The compound cures in the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces.

8510 is a high temperature resistance gasketing sealant with excellent chemical resistance.

- Used as a form-in-place gasket on flanged connections.
- Typical uses are engine casings and gearbox.
- Thixotropic nature reduces the migration of liquid product after application.

Colour: Red
Cure State: Rigid
Temperature Range: -55 to 205°
Gap Fill: Unprimed: 0.254 mm, Primed: 0.508 mm
Viscosity cps: 188,000/500,000 Thixotropic
Cure: Unprimed: 2 - 8 hours, Primed: 30 mins - 4 hours

Adhesive Properties:
Composition: Dimethacrylate Ester
Color: Red
Viscosity: 188,000 – 500,000cps Thixotropic
Brookfield RVT Spindle 7@20rpm @ 25°C
Specific Gravity: 1.10
Flash Point: >93°C
Solvent Content: None

Curing Properties:
Handling Cure Time, Primed Surface: 2 - 8 hours
Handling Cure Time, Unprimed Surface: 30 min - 4 hours
Compressive Shear Strength >7.5N/mm2 (1,085psi)
(ISO 10123) After 24 hrs at 22°C. Steel Pins & Collars
Lap Shear Strength 5N/mm2 (725psi)
(ISO 4587) Steel (grit blasted)
Tensile Strength 7.5N/mm2 (1,085psi)
(ISO 6922) Steel (grit blasted)
Temperature Range -50 to 80°C

Physical Properties:
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 80×10-6
ASTM D 696, K-1
Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity: 0.10
ASTM C 177, W/ (m·K)
Specific Heat, kJ/ (keg) 0.30
Product Brochure
295_8510 High Temperature Flange Gasket Sealant MSDS
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295_8510 High Temperature Flange Gasket Sealants TDS
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