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Hydraulic CNC Pressbrake
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    EC4 Controller
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    German Made Fiessler Class 4 Laser Guard
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    Sliding Sheet Supports
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    Quick Action Wedge Clamp Tooling
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Order Code: S884A
APHS-C3106 - Hydraulic CNC Pressbrake (415V)
120T, ESA EC4 CNC Control
Includes Fiessler Guarding System
Control Type
Nominal Pressure - Tonnage (Ton)
Machine Axis (No.)
Length of Work Table (mm)
Distance Between Columns (mm)
Maximum Open Height (mm)
Ballscrew Backgauge Travel (mm)
Throat Depth (mm)
Ram Stroke (mm)
Motor Power (kW / hp)
11 / 15
Motor Voltage (V)
Nett Weight (kg)
Non-graphical compact 4-axis control Y1-Y2 cylinder axis, X - R backgauge axis, Crowning axis
Complete off-line 2D programming software
Numerical automatic identification of the best bending sequences with collision detection
2D graphic editor for tools data entry
Programming of the axis position with automatic checks, automatic calculation of the R position, bending tonnage and crowning.
High memory capacity for program steps and tooling data (Ability of 7000 programs and 80-step programming in each bending program)
Memory storage on USB flash disk (information for top and bottom tools and programs)

Also Available
HUGE range available, Please call for specifications and prices
  • Baykal machine frames consist of a monolithic structure with hot rolled high quality steel
  • The hydraulic unit is made by major companies in the field. It consists of electronically controlled proportional valves with independent closed loop control of the two cylinders.
  • 3 CNC Controlled Axis (Y1, Y2, X) as standard. Additional Axis available
  • Full electronic Synchronisation with proportional valve technology. Ram positions (Left & Right) are obtained from independent linear encoders whilst monitoring and adjusting proportional valves. This produces a double closed loop system, with guaranteed beam positioning of +/- 0.01mm (Y1 and Y2 Axis)
  • CNC Controlled Back-gauge:- X-Axis stroke 750mm with DC motor mounted on hardened and machined guides, translation via spherical recirculation hardened ballscrews
  • ESA CNC Control fully programmable with 2D graphics off-line software included
  • Precision linear scale measurement : HEIDENHEIN or GIVI MISURE
  • Auto Tune function automatically references machine during normal bending operation
  • Mild steel capacity is rated on hot rolled material with 250MPA
Product Brochure
Bending Force Chart
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