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Soco Cold Saw, Includes Stand
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MC-370PV - Soco Cold Saw, Includes Stand (415V)
110 x 110mm Rectangle Capacity
Dual Speed 22 / 44rpm with Self Centring Vice & Pneumatic Vice
Cutting Head Action
Operation Type
Swivel - Dual Mitre
Round Capacity @ 90º / 45º (mm)
115 / 115
Square Capacity @ 90º / 45º (mm)
100 / 100
Rectangle Capacity @ 90º / 45º (WxH) (mm)
100 x 100 / 85 x 85
Blade Size (Ø X Bore) (mm)
370 x 32
Vice Clamping Fixture
Pneumatic - Dual
Coolant System
Table Working Height (with Stand) (mm)
Blade Speed (rpm)
22 / 44
Motor Power (kW / hp)
2.2 / 3
Voltage / Amperage (V / amp)
Nett Weight (kg)
Manufactured in Taiwan

The MC-370PV Pneumatic Vice series is a very robust cold saw that relies on a heavy cast frame coupled with a industrial heavy duty gearbox and motor for years of production. The MC-370PV is simply the best quality circular cold saw designed for the engineering and fabrication work shops, representing excellent value for money invested.

The MC-370PV comes standard with the movable safety guard and complete liquid cooling system, ensuring safety and long cold saw blade life. This machine can mitre 45° left & 45° right, as well as 90° to the right enabling jobs to be cut parallel to the vice jaws. This unique machine also incorporates manual flip over dead stop that locate the head at 45° and 90°.

This cold saws comes with a scaled mechanical stop for repeatable cuts, tools for saw blade changes and instruction manual.

The MC-370PV comes standard with a self centring vice, so there are no changes to make when changing diameters of tube or pipe. The vice also has a floating clamp that independently (left to right of saw blade) holds the jaws. This securely holds both sides of the cut material without dropping them into the rotating blade, which extends blade life.

These are the perfect cold saws for thin, medium, or thick walled pipe, tubing, extrusions, or solid bar stock.
This machine comes equipped to run two speeds for mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc.
The cabinet has storage for the mechanical stop and extra saw blades etc.

Burr Free & Less Dust
Self Centring vice with two sides clamping to solidly hold the work piece and ensure a smooth and burr free cutting surface. Low operation noise and low pollution working environment

Fast, Precision & Clean
Compared to Band Sawing, Circular Sawing is much more economical, faster in cutting, more precise, and produces a cleaner cut

Mitre Cutting
The Saw Head can be swivelled either direction at various degrees for mitre cutting (Circular Saw), providing excellent precision in angle accuracy

Cooling System
Equipped with electrical cooling pump and a large coolant tank to ensure excellent working temperature on the Saw Blade and the Work Piece, as well as a smooth cutting surface and longer blade life

Pneumatic Vice & Safety Switch
Dead man trigger switch mounted on the cutting lever that operates the pneumatic vice automatically once the lever is moved of the back stop whilst also providing a safer working machine as one hand needs to be on the handle to start the machine, if hand is removed from the switch the machine will stop.

In feed roller support and 500mm length stops
Quick release lever for mitring the head
All models include a stand with a storage area
  • Stand
  • Coolant System
  • Length Stop
  • Material Support
  • Blade
Product Brochure
Blade Selection Chart
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Instruction Manual
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