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CNC Pressbrake Control
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Order Code: S621
Fasfold 202 - CNC Pressbrake Control
Multi Touch Screen Colour Graphics
Now with 19" Wide Screen, 2 Finger Zoom, Pan, Rotate & Page Flicking
Fasfold 202 Pressbrake control Australian made and designed to maximise performance & increased production that leads to increased profits, so whether you are a production or a jobbing shop, Fasfold saves you lots of setup time. If you do one off, quickly draw your profile up in quickdraw.
  • Multi touch screen colour graphics on a wide 19" screen with smart phone style 2 finger zoom, pan, rotate and page flicking
  • QuickDraw programming by hand on Touch screen.
  • Free-Hand editing on profile as opposed to data block editing
  • Self paced, individualised On-screen tutorials
  • Automatic under-/over-Fold compensation
  • True Bend allowance on backstop (K factor)
  • Dynamic Graphical Diagnostic
  • 3D & 2D operation included as standard
  • Free off-line programming from office
  • Speed monitoring and stopping distance monitoring ensuring a safer pressbrake
  • Uses a 3rd axis called the beam axis which allows for variable beam openings to increase production cycle time
  • History Record function for diagnostic and training purposes by Help Desk
  • Plug & Play for Self Installers Fasfolds on-board Commissioning Manager does most of the Commissioning and Calibration Automatically.
  • Can be fitted to most Pressbrakes
  • Suits synchro machines with proportional valves & torsion bars systems

  • Step 1. QUICKDRAW: How easy is this!.....
  • Simply touch the corners on the grid to draw the box to the left Press OK to return to the main screen

  • Step 2. Simply touch on the dimension or angle of the profile in the middle to edit the value on the pop-up keypad

  • Step 3. How good is this!........ See the profile on the left for easy editing….. and the folding simulation on the right!
  • View the actual folding sequence simulation on the graphic of a Press Brake as you fold in real time or animation mode
  • Change folds from front to rear to optimise production
  • Step through the whole sequence without wasting time or material
  • This can be done on the Press or off-line in the office (For quotes on new jobs: This process can be used in minutes to assist in doing new quotes accurately)
  • Touch the "Automatic fold sequence" button or set the fold sequence manually simply by entering the sequence (1 2 8 7 6 5 3 4 for the example on the left)

  • Step 4. Enter material thickness and width

  • Step 5. Select the right tool and Die from the library and start production:

  • Select existing jobs from the library
  • Give the job a name and save for future use. A virtually unlimited number of jobs can be saved
  • Jobs open with all relevant data like bend sequence, material thickness, right Tool, Die & V, angle corrections, which bends was done from front or rear etc. This saves lots of setup time
  • Jobs can be downloaded from the office
  • Jobs can be linked to fold boxes easily
  • Each operator can have his own password with his own job library

  • Online help – simply touch the HELP button, then any topic for an explanation

  • Cad import – import files from AutoCad ™, SolidEdge ™, SolidWorks™ etc.

  • Box Mode – Hand draw a box quick and easy and fold in one continuous process.

  • Powerful diagnostics which can be done very easily. Any device on the Press Brake whether it is a switch, solenoid valve, motor or encoder is represented on this screen either as green or red. If you step on the foot switch for example, it changes colour. Within minutes all devices can be tested and any faults found.

  • Fasfold is Australian products that is backed up by your service techs supported by our team of 4 engineers

  • *Please Note: Price does not include fitting or setup*

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