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Table Saw with H/D Sliding Beam
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    High Quality Sliding Beam
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    Rise and Fall
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    Robust Fence System
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    Easily Handles Compound Mitre Cuts
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Order Code: R911
TS250RS - Table Saw with H/D Sliding Beam (240V)
Ø250mm (10") Max. Blade Diameter
Max. Blade Diameter (mm)
Max. Depth Of Cut 90º & 45º (mm)
80 / ~
Tilt Arbor To 45º
Rip Capacity (mm)
930R / 610L
Motor Power (kW / hp)
1.5 / 2
Voltage / Amperage (V / amp)
240 / 10
Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)
860 x 630 x 570
Weight (nett) (kg)
The Record Power TS250RS features a cast iron saw unit mounted on two substantial cast iron trunnions, CNC machined for accuracy and smooth operation. The trunnions are mounted on a solidly fabricated steel base to reduce vibration passing through to the table.
The sliding table has been upgraded and with the optional squaring frame offers a professional solution to panel sizing and cross cutting. Both tables are machined for accuracy.
Blade tilt and rise are handled smoothly by separate mechanisms operated by a rolled acme thread solid steel lead screw. The rip fence is mounted on a solid steel bar with a heavy cast mount featuring micro adjustment. This machine makes no compromises, offering repeatable accuracy on both panel work and solid timber and offers exceptional value for money. If you are in the market for a good quality, versatile saw then make sure you seek out this machine at a local dealer or show, as it needs to be seen to fully appreciate the value on offer.

Shown with optional right hand extension and squaring frame.
  • On the Inside - Not all machines are the same. Whilst looking impressive from the outside, it is what's on the inside that really counts and Record Power table saws are much more heavily made than competition at the same price. Make sure you research alternatives thoroughly and look inside if you can.
  • Rise and Fall - Separate rise and fall table tilt handwheels - providing smooth and accurate control via thick steel bars with rolled acme threads for fast smooth action.
  • High Quality Sliding Beam - The sliding beam rests on a substantial mount offering smooth and accurate operation. Stroke is generous at 1225mm and can cut 10' x 8' sheets across the width.
  • Beam Stop - The Sliding beam features a sturdy stop allowing the beam to be held in position safely when sliding action is not required.
  • Robust Fence System - The heavy extrusion is fixed to a solid cast iron mount and fitted with micro-adjustment. The whole unit slides smoothly on an industrial style solid steel bar, which has adjustment that will stay put once set.
  • Table - The main table is made from cast iron and is surface ground for an accurate, smooth surface.
  • Blade tilt up to 45º
  • 250mm Blade x 30mm bore
  • Blade speed: 4000rpm
  • Sliding Carriage Stroke: 1225mm
  • Max depth of cut at 90º: 80mm
  • Max depth of cut at 45º: 54mm
  • Table Height from Floor: 855mm
  • Size: L1320 x W870 x H1910mm
  • Enclosed Cabinet
  • Heavy Duty Rip Fence

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