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CH/B-SET1 - Bevel Edge Chisel Set - 4 Piece

6, 12, 20, & 26mm Chisels
A good quality set of bevel edge chisels is probably the most useful addition to any woodworker’s tool kit. Record Power bevel edge chisels feature a much thinner edge profile on the blade than can be found on commonly available DIY general purpose chisels. This means greater access to tight spaces is possible, allowing for more delicate cuts to be made and they are ideal for fine dovetail work. This set has been selected to offer the most versatile combination of sizes, enabling a wide variety of work to be carried out, from intricate decorative joints to large hinge recesses and much more.

6, 12, 20, 26mm chisels
Premium quality chrome manganese steel blades, quenched in molten salt gradually reducing temperature creating a superior blade hardened to 59 Rockwell
Thinner edge profile gives greater access to tight spaces & delicate cuts
Handles made from white hornbeam
  • Ideal for Delicate work - The smaller bevel edge chisels are ideal for cutting small or intricate joints
  • Precision Cutting - The modern thin edge profile and secondary micro-bevels give unsurpassed accuracy and clean cuts
  • Modern Slimline Profile for Superior Cuts - Our bevel edge chisels feature a modern slim-profile side wall, allowing easier cutting and reducing binding
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