Woodscrew Chuck - 3/4" x 16TPI
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CWA61 - Woodscrew Chuck - 3/4" x 16TPI
Suits Wood Lathes
63.5mm (2-1/2")
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Woodscrew Chuck
63.5mm (2 1/2")
Internal Thread
3/4" x 16TPI
Wood Lathes
Record Power CWA61 Woodscrew Chuck

This features two extra screw holes adjacent to the centre screw, allowing greater hold so it can be used as a faceplate; ideal for work that is too small for a standard faceplate. For even greater hold, the standard supplied number 14 1 1/4" woodscrew can be replaced with a longer alternative.

Probably the most useful yet overlooked woodturning accessory in the range. Using
the supplied number 14 woodscrew, you can simply bradawl the centre of the work
piece then screw onto the timber using the tommy bar provided in the hole located
around the circumference of the chuck for leverage.

There are two inserts and a drive key inserted into the body of the chuck, the lower
insert sets the depth of the screw and can be adjusted from the rear of the chuck.
The upper insert is machined to allow the screw head to locate and lock onto the
drive key, locking tight with the two pinned key. All this is secured with a grub screw
in the side of the body of the chuck. Always make sure the upper insert is slightly
below the running face of the chuck so the timber locates right up to the face for
maximum grip.

One of the features of this chuck is using the tapered number 14 woodscrew it allows
you to screw into end grain when doing projects such as goblets, egg cups etc. and
will solidly lock the workpiece, providing a perfect base to turn from. The chuck also
features two extra securing holes on the outer edge of the face, allowing the chuck to
be used as a mini face plate, giving great value for money and flexibility.
  • 2 1/2" Woodscrew Chuck (3/4" x 16TPI), Max Capacity 12"

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  • CWA61 (R8158)
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