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3 Years Warranty

NETTUNO - T-Big Wall Dispenser

3 Litre Dispenser
T-big is a strong and capacious wall dispenser, tested for at least 50.000 doses of product. Covered by a warranty of 3 years. Replaced free of charge in case of manufacturing defect or component failure through normal use. Although it is directed toward industry, Nettuno has paid careful attention to its design, resulting in an attractive and neat product for the bathroom of any working environment.

Its patented pump has been designed to supply any type of soap, even with abrasive microspheres. T-big is equipped with an elbow lever that will allow the user not to touch the dispenser with dirty hands and to keep it clean and ready for the next use. T-big can be exclusively used with T-bag cartridges.
  • 3 litre dispenser unit only

  • Please note: Hand cleaner refills sold separately
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