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Turret Milling Machine
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    2 Axis Digital Readout System
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    Control Panel
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    Spindle Brake
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    Speed Chart
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    Head Controls
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    Head Side View
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    Head Side View
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    Quill Feed Depth Stop
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    Quill Feed Engagement Lever
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    Feed Engage Disengage Drive
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    Feed Range Selector
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    Universal Tilting and Rotating Head
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    Adjustable Swivel and Sliding Ram
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    Table Feed Limit Switches
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    X Axis Power Feed with Rapid
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    Lubrication Pump
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    Table Handle
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    Concertina Slide Way Cover
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    Slide covers
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    Halogen Light
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    Coolant Nozzel
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    Knee Feed Handle
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    Tail Lug Spigot Supports Slotting Head
Order Code: M604D
BM-30 - Turret Milling Machine (415V)
(X) 760mm (Y) 360mm (Z) 430mm
Includes Digital Readout
Digital Readout
2-Axis Digital Readout
Table Size (mm)
1270 x 254
Spindle Taper - Vertical
Longitudinal Travel (X-Axis) (mm)
Cross Travel (Y-Axis) (mm)
Vertical Travel (Z-Axis) (mm)
Type of Slides
Ram Travel (mm)
Spindle to Table (mm)
Quill Travel / Diameter (mm)
127 / 86
Throat Depth (max.) (mm)
Tilting Head (Left ~ Right)
Tilting Head (Forward ~ Back)
Power Feed - Quill (mm/rev)
0.015 / 0.04 / 0.08
Power Feed - Longitudinal (X-Axis) (mm/min)
20 - 2000
Power Feed - Cross (Y-Axis) (mm/min)
Power Feed - Vertical (Z-Axis) (mm/min)
Table T-Slot Size (inch / mm)
Work Table Load Capacity (kg)
Spindle Speeds Vertical (No./ rpm)
16 (80 - 5440)
Motor Power - Vertical (kW / hp)
2.2 / 3
Voltage / Amperage (V / amp)
Overall Height (mm)
Nett Weight (kg)
Manufactured in Taiwan
  • 2 Axis digital readout fitted
  • 3HP 415V motor, 16-speeds
  • NT30 Spindle taper with a chrome & ground quill
  • Hardened & ground work table & slide-ways
  • Turcite B coated X & Y Axis slide-ways reduces friction for smooth operation
  • All slides utilise dovetail construction for maximum rigidity
  • Meehanite casting for high strength & minimal deformation
  • Quality electrics & overload protection in an easy access enclosure
  • Horizontal travelling ram mounted on a rotating base allowing repositioning of spindle
  • The ram incorporates a tail lug (spigot) to accept a slotting attachment etc.
  • High / neutral and low gear selection lever to maximise torque
  • Align CE-300S X-Axis power-feed with adjustable micro switch feed stops
  • Coolant system, halogen light, 150mm machine vice & swarf tray
  • Metric dial graduations @ 0.02mm for X , Y & Z-Axis
  • Automatic quill feed 0.015, 0.04, 0.08mm/rev
  • Automatic cut off depth stop on quill
  • Oil lubrication pump and reservoir
  • Slideway covers Y & Z-Axis
  • Mill head tilts to ±45º forward and back
  • Mill head tilts to ±90º left and right
  • Manual quick action quill lever
  • Mechanical spindle brake
  • Tool box and manual
  • 2 Axis digital readout fitted
  • One-shot oil lubrication pump and reservoir
  • Drawbar M12 thread
  • Coolant system
  • Slideway covers
  • X-Axis power-feed
  • Halogen light
  • Machine vice (150mm)
  • Clamp kit
  • Safety cutter guard
  • Swarf tray
Product Brochure
Instruction Manual
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