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MMA/TIG ARC 400 Multi-Function Inverter Welder
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Order Code: K8770
QLD Schools / TAFE - MMA/TIG ARC 400 Multi-Function Inverter Welder (415V)
QLD Contract No. 21
QLD Contract No.
QLD Item No. 21
School / TAFE
Voltage (V)
Duty Cycle (amp)
40% @400A
Dimensions (mm)
530 x 270 x 430
Nett Weight (kg)
We for many years have been working in close consultation with education departments to ensure the most suitable equipment is provided to our schools and TAFE, not only does it comply with the departments stringent safety requirements but is built to last the distance. That's why we consider our company to be a specialist when it comes to supplying quality Wood Work and Metal Working Machinery for Public or Private Schools, TAFE Colleges and Trade Training Centres in all states of Australia.

The Arc 400 is an innovative inverter welding power source. It is built for industrial use (high duty cycle) and guarantees a high performance rate.

The power source incorporates a VRD (voltage reduction device) this feature protects the operator in high risk environments such as operation in mines, wet environments and other required "Safe" environments where the risk of electric shock is high.

The Arc 400 is equipped with a micro processor digital control that regulates high tech devices used in the control of the welding process, such as Hot Start to improve the striking, Arc Force to improve the arc stability, Anti Sticking to cut the welding power in the event of the electrode "sticking" to the work.

The dynamic current control is automatic and gives the best result even in the most trying situations and difficult to run electrodes.

The Arc 400 is equipped with DC Lift Arc function, connecting the SR26 Tig torch and argon regulator allows quality DC Tig welding of steel, stainless steel, bronze and copper. The Lift Arc function is excellent and provides easy arc ignition with minimal sticking of the tungsten electrode to the work piece, the machine povides a very smooth stable arc producing high quality Tig welds.

The Arc 400 is a professional IGBT inverter welding power source that is suitable for such applications as general engineering, structural steel, site welding, repair and maintenance applications.

Built to our specification and manufactured in compliance to IEC 60974-1
  • Safe mode for the operator with VRD (Voltage Reduction Device).
  • Standard compliant to AS1674.2 category A,B & C environments.
  • Increased protection from mains supply variation, Due to Input voltage sensing microprocessor.- MMA (Stick electrode) (DC+ / DC-)
  • DC TIG with lift arc ignition & Gas solenoid valve
  • Electrode Hot start and Adjustable Arc force
  • Australian Standards compliant Voltage Reduction Device (VRD)
  • Adjustable Down slope
  • 2T / 4T Trigger function
  • Adjustable Post gas
  • Rugged metal case construction
  • Digital amperage display
  • 4M Heavy duty arc lead
  • 4M heavy duty earth lead
  • Welder Pack:
  • Chipping hammer
  • Steel wire brush
  • Hand scratch brush
  • Welding knee Pads (1 Pair)
  • Welding gloves with heat resistance function (1 pair)
  • Comfortable fitting welding helmet

Product Brochure
Instruction Manual
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