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Metal Cutting Band Saw
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    Blade Tension System
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    Blade Tension Gauge
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    Control Unit
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    Quick Action Material Clamping System
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    Heavy Duty 1.5kW415V Fully Enclosed Fan Cooled Motor
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    4 stage pulley system Blade speeds 25 40 51 71mpm
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    Rear View
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    Blade Guides
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    Blade Guard Safety Micro Switch
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    Left Blade Guard Safety Micro
Order Code: B018
BS-250 - Metal Cutting Band Saw (415V)
415 x 250mm (W x H) Rectangle Capacity
Operation Type
Fixed Head
Round @ 90º (mm)
Round @ 45º (mm)
Square @ 90º (mm)
Square @ 45º (mm)
Rectangle (W x H) @ 90º (mm)
415 x 250
Rectangle (W x H) @ 45º (mm)
250 x 190
Coolant System
Table Working Height (mm)
Cutting Head Beam Type
Cutting Head Beam Return
Manual Return
Cutting Head Down Feed Control
Adjustable Hydraulic
Vice Clamping Fixture
Blade Steps / Speeds (m/min)
Blade Size (L x W x T) (mm)
3302 x 27 x 0.9
Motor Power (kW / hp)
1.5 / 2
Voltage / Amperage (V / amp)
Nett Weight (kg)
The BS-250 heavy duty metal cutting band saw has many features on offer with a cutting capacity of up to 250mm diameter or 415 x 250mm in steel at 90º and two ball bearings per side on the blade guides for optimal control and accuracy. There is a choice of four blade speeds via an adjustable 4 stage pulley system so that the cutting speed can be changed to suit a wide range of materials, whilst the built-in coolant system ensures maximum cutting efficiency and longer blade life. Both blade control arms are adjustable, allowing them to be positioned as close to the cut as possible. This means reliably and accurate cuts!

The cutting operation works automatically with the weight of the head providing the cutting force and a limit switch shutting the machine down when the cut is complete. The weight of the head is counterbalanced by an adjustable hydraulic damper to control the feed rate, an excellent machine choice for maintenance shops, steel fabrications, and engineering workshops.
  • 415 x 250mm (W x H) rectangular capacity
  • Adjustable hydraulic feed cutting rate for multiple applications
  • Mitre cuts to 45º using calibrated vice
  • Built-in coolant system for maximum cutting efficiency
  • Limit switch stops machine when cut is complete
  • Control panel located on top of arm for easy use
  • Coolant system with flow control valve
  • Cast iron frame with heavy duty fabricated base
  • Quick action material clamping system
  • Blade tension dial with scale for optimum settings
  • Adjustable blade roller guides provides accurate cutting
  • Adjustable 4-speed pulley drive system enabling 21-34-43-60mpm cutting speeds
  • Adjustable length stop for repetition cutting
  • Automatic electric cut-out switch
  • Wire wheel brush to clean swarf from blade
  • Heavy-duty gearbox drive
  • Heavy-duty 1.5kw/415V fully enclosed fan-cooled motor
Product Brochure
Blade Selection Chart
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Instruction Manual
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Trouble Shooting Guide
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