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WL-18 Swivel Head Wood Lathe

In The Shed: Hafco Woodmaster WL-18 Swivel Head Wood Lathe

The Hafco Woodmaster WL-18 Swivel Head Wood Lathe is a value-for-money piece of equipment ideal for the beginner wood-turner.

Featuring a bed, head and tailstock of cast iron construction, this mass and weight makes the Hafco Woodmaster WL-18 Swivel Head Wood Lathe (Order Code: W382) a sturdy and stable unit.

Power is supplied by the 0.75kW / 1Hp (240V) motor, which is activated and deactivated by the dust-proof magnetic safety switch. Variable speed control — selected via a lever and guided by a spindle speeds chart for the operator’s reference — allows rotational rates from 500rpm to 2,000rpm in a step-less graduation.

The floor-standing WL-18 wood lathe package comes complete with drive centre and live centre, providing equal pressure and positive drive:
• The 4-prong drive centre (along with the included faceplate) gives a superior hold and is designed to hold wood together securely without splitting.
• Unlike traditional stationary centres, the live centre (also known as a revolving tailstock centre) rotates with the timber, eliminating burning and increasing hold.

Swing over bed is 310mm, while it measures 900mm between centres. Both the headstock as well as the tailstock have two Morse tapers and the spindle thread is 1" x 10tpi (threads per inch).

The headstock can be swivelled and locked in position to allow bowls to be turned in front of the lathe; the 45° and 90° positions are indexed for ease of selection.

Along with the 300mm tool rest and stand, this model of lathe comes complete with an outboard tool rest extension which is used to get the bowl rest into the best position when turning with the head rotated.

If you seek a quality machine that lets you work quickly and efficiently while eliminating a lot of the physical effort from the process, the Hafco Woodmaster WL-18 Swivel Head Wood Lathe is a clever, cost-effective choice.

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