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WHG-3U Mini Digital Height Gauge

In The Shed: Toolmaster WHG-3U Mini Digital Height Gauge

Ideal for saw blades and routers, the Toolmaster WHG-3U Mini Digital Height Gauge is a clever addition to any wood-working machine set-up - let’s explore its functions.

Featuring a measuring rule with locking screw, the Toolmaster WHG-3U Mini Digital Height Gauge provides measurements in metric, imperial and fractional inches with read-out accuracy to 0.1mm. The unit of measurement is easily changed via the touch of a button, and digital readings are displayed on the large, simple-to-read LCD screen.

The gauge can be set to zero at any point along the slide scale. It’s capable of measuring both vertically and — thanks to its flat back and magnetic base — horizontally too. The Toolmaster WHG-3U possesses a 0-80mm measuring range and hole depth measuring 50.8mm, with a 60mm wide aperture. To extend the range, simply attach the extension probe. Connect the probe to the other end and it becomes a depth scale

There are plenty of uses for this economically-priced digital gauge. It’s self-standing for setting the cutter depth on router tables and table saws, as well as being low-profile enough for adjusting the fence position on band saws. Other functions include:
• Checking the depth of grooves
• Establishing the depth and height on a spindle moulder
• Positioning the depth of a saw blade
• Setting planer blades

Powered by a CR2032 3V Lithium battery, the digital gauge has an automatic shut-off function that kicks in after three minutes.

The Toolmaster WHG-3U Mini Digital Height Gauge is a must-have for every woodworker. Order Code (W644)

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