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VAZEY Drill Press Table

In The Shed: Vazey Drill Press Table

Upgrade your drilling machine and produce pinpoint results with this clever innovation – the Vazey Drill Press Table (Order Code: D199).

The secret is the way in which the placement of the critical elements intersects with the radius of the drill press column and the positioning of the central hole in the V-groove.

Its unique shape and patented design means the Vazey Drill Press Table offers five significant improvements over standard tables:
1) Finds top-dead-centre every time on cylindrical work to within 1/1,000th of an inch without using clamps, jigs or complicated set-ups, all with minimum set-up time.
2) Hole-sawing in cylindrical work.
3) Hole-sawing without using dunnage.
4) Drills angled work without complicated set-ups, clamps or jigs.
5) Converts swing presses to “rotating” swing presses.

Of course, normal drilling for other jobs is a standard feature.

The Vazey table has two drilling positions which are set when the operator simply rotates the table to a pre-marked position in relation to the drill press column.

With a larger, flatter area on the bottom surface for better clamping, this aftermarket table fits easily to most drill presses thanks to its bolt-on locating spigot.

Upgrade your old drilling table with the pioneering Vazey Drill Press Table. Purchase yours online today

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