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TU-2004V Bench Lathe

In The Shed: Optimum TU-2004V Bench Lathe

Compact enough to fit into a corner of the workshop, the feature-packed Optimum TU-2004V Bench Lathe (Order Code: L687) is bang for your buck.

Powered by a 0.6kW / 0.8Hp 240V motor, spindle speed is electronically controlled and variable between its 150 - 2500rpm range shown on a simple-to-read digital display. A spindle direction switch allows the operator to select between forward and reverse for greater versatility.

A 100mm-diameter, self-centring 3-jaw chuck with reversible jaws has a running accuracy of 0.04mm. The TU-2004V lathe is equipped with a chuck safety guard — as well as a tool post guard — for the protection of the user. With a spindle bore diameter of 21mm, it’s surprisingly large for a machine of this overall size.

This bench lathe model’s turning capacity is 200mm in diameter and 300mm between centres. In addition, its centre height is 100mm and swing over cross-slide is 140mm, while cross slide travel is 75mm and compound slide travel is 55mm.

Optimum’s TU-2004V has an automatic longitudinal power feed that sports a feed range (Z-axis) of 0.1 - 0.2mm/rev. The leadscrew feed can be used either manually or powered.

The 100mm-wide ribbed prism bed manufactured from grey cast iron, as well as its guideways, is induction-hardened and ground for sturdiness.

This bench lathe features change gears for both metric and imperial thread cutting as follows:
• Metric thread steps & pitch range = 14 (0.25 - 3mm)
• Imperial thread steps & TPI range = 12 (8 - 44")

Factory-fitted features include a swarf tray and splash guard at the rear to keep waste away from important machine parts. Additionally, the little lathe comes supplied with an extensive range of accessories, including service tools.

Small in size but big on features, the Optimum TU-2004V Bench Lathe provides the perfect introduction to anyone looking to undertake metal-turning for the first time. Purchase yours online today!

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