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T-13A Bench-Mount Thicknesser

In The Shed: Hafco Woodmaster T-13A Bench-Mount Thicknesser

For woodworkers looking to achieve perfectly parallel timber planks, the Hafco Woodmaster T-13A Bench-Mount Thicknesser (Order Code: W813) is a clever portable performance machine.

It boasts a timber width capacity of 330mm and height capacity of 152mm. Equipped with a powerful 1.8kW / 2.4hp 240V motor, the T-13A quickly and easily removes material up to 2.5mm thick with each pass.

The cutter head is fitted with two double-sided HSS (High Speed Steel) blades featuring quick-action change and blade setting jig. Coupled with power timber-feed rollers, a feed speed of 7m/min, as well as fold-down table extensions to support long work-pieces, this Hafco Woodmaster thicknesser ensures an impressive warp-free finish. At the output end, the Ø100/63mm dust hood allows for connection to a vacuum or dust extractor.

Anti-kickback fingers are fitted as standard – they’re incorporated into the blade guard and prevent the stock from being thrown at the operator by biting into it when binding and kickback occurs.

The Hafco thicknesser is also fitted with overload protection via a reset circuit breaker. The NVR (No Volt Release) safety switch prevents the machine from unexpectedly re-starting after a power interruption.

A four-post design ensures smooth, accurate vertical movement. In addition, there’s the choice to pair the bench-mount T-13A with an optional tool stand (Order Code: UTS-1).

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