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PD-510 Belt Drive Pedestal Drill

In The Shed: HAFCO Metalmaster PD-510 Belt Drive Pedestal Drill

Perfect for home, workshop, even farm use – the HAFCO Metalmaster PD-510 Belt Drive Pedestal Drill has been designed for drilling holes of all sizes into materials such as metal, timber and plastic. Let’s take a detailed look at this machine’s specs and performance.

The HAFCO Metalmaster PD-510 Belt Drive Pedestal Drill is powered by a copper-wound 240V motor, which is fan-cooled to protect against overheating under duress. A quiet V-belt drive system features a quick-action belt tensioning lever. The thick-walled column guarantees greater rigidity and stability.

Ergonomically designed, the one-piece cast iron drilling lever is equipped with comfort grips. Placed above it is a speed chart specifying recommended operating speeds dependent on drill size and material. There are 12 spindle speeds in total: 150, 240, 270, 330, 430, 470, 830, 1030, 1270, 1430, 1790 and 2450rpm. A drill chuck key-holder is mounted on the right-hand side of the machine.

To protect the user from potential harm, the HAFCO Metalmaster PD-510 has fitted to it an adjustable safety drilling chuck guard with flip-up screen. In addition, there’s a drilling depth stop for good measure. A magnetic-type emergency STOP switch cuts power to the machine in the case of emergency. Similarly, a safety micro-switch is fixed to the pulley guard and triggered if opened during operation.

The T-slotted cast iron work table rotates as well as tilts left and right to 45°. Moreover, there’s a rack-and-pinion table height adjustment set-up with locking lever. Together with the light mounted underneath the drill head, setting up the optimum working environment is a cinch.

Also included with this power-packed performer is:
• 16mm keyed drill chuck and arbor
• Chuck key to suit
• Drill drift tool to remove drill chuck or taper shank drills

The HAFCO Metalmaster PD-510 Belt Drive Pedestal Drill is a great bit of kit for home and industrial applications alike. buy online - Click Here to see more details