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PBA-45 Pressbrake Attachment

In The Shed: Metalmaster PBA-45 Pressbrake Attachment

Do you work with sheet metal on the job or in the home workshop? Let’s look at why the Metalmaster PBA-45 Pressbrake Attachment is an important piece to your metalworking arsenal.

Designed to be used with a standard hydraulic press, the Metalmaster PBA-45 Pressbrake Attachment forms predetermined bends by clamping the sheet metal or plate steel work piece between a matching punch and die. This part boasts a fabricated steel construction with overall dimensions of 520 x 85 x 225mm (L x W x H).

The top die is spring-loaded and supported by two guide rods - it automatically opens the tool back to the home position once the hydraulic pressure has been released.

With a 450mm bending length, 40mm wide vee block die and 50mm open height, this pressbrake attachment features a bending capacity of 450 x 4mm or 300 x 6mm.

It’s important to note, the Metalmaster PBA-45 Pressbrake Attachment will only fit at an angle on the HP-20 (P144) Hydraulic Press.

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