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BF-20LV Mill Drill Geared & Tilting Head

In The Shed: OPTIMUM BF-20LV Mill Drill

Let’s take a closer look at the OPTIMUM BF-20LV Mill Drill - a quality piece of equipment geared towards pro and amateur engineers alike for milling and drilling cold metals or other non-flammable materials.

The BF-20LV Mill Drill is designed and manufactured by German company OPTIMUM. It prides itself on supplying the market with state-of-the-art products offering optimal technical solutions and outstanding price-performance ratio through continual product innovations.

Powered by a 0.85kW/1.13hp motor, the BF-20LV drilling-milling machine has a 2-speed gearbox with high/low drive. A rotary-type switch allows the operator to select the gear stage:
• Turn the gear switch to the position "H" for a vertical spindle speed range of approximately 150-3000 steps/rpm-1.
• Turn the gear switch to the position "L" for a vertical spindle speed range of 90-1480 steps/rpm-1.
As well as electronic variable speed, the mill drill features a forward and reverse spindle switch. Of course, it’s best practice to wait until the drilling-milling machine has come to a complete stop before performing any changes on the gear dial.

There’s a 3MT spindle taper and 3MT x JT6 drill chuck arbor. The drilling/milling head is equipped with a protective cover.

Sitting atop a dovetail column, the mill head tilts left and right to ±90° from vertical. In fact, scale collars and dovetail slideways for all axes are adjustable:
• Longitudinal travel (X-axis) = 480mm
• Cross travel (Y-axis) = 175mm
• Vertical travel (Z-axis) = 280mm
There are metric dial graduations on X- and Y-axis, plus rear slideway covers and slide clamps on each axis.

The OPTIMUM BF-20LV Mill Drill boasts a 700 x 180mm cast iron table with 12mm T-slots and a load capacity of 40kg. A work light mounted underneath the mill head illuminates the table for detail work.

There’s a digital readout for quill depth, including zero reset; it’s located beside the quill fine feed adjustment. The BF-20LV includes a handy toolbox as well as a bracket kit for the optional control panel, which features speed adjustment, digital speed display and Emergency Stop button.

Now is the perfect time to add the high-quality OPTIMUM BF-20LV Mill Drill (order code: M650) to your toolkit. Buy yours online today!
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