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Model 480 Professional Engraver

In The Shed: Record Power Burgess 7417070 Model 480 Professional Engraver

Thanks to its unique hammer action that engraves the work-piece in a more efficient, controlled fashion than rotary tools, the Record Power Burgess 7417070 Model 480 Professional Engraver (Order Code: R990) has set the standard for industrial engravers for years. Use it for marking steel, aluminium, jewellery, wood and plaster carving; glass monogramming and decorating; engraving and decorating plastics, ceramics and stone.

This pro-spec engraver has a continuously rated heavy-duty motor for non-stop engraving and is capable of 100 strokes per minute (SPM).

The Record Power unit works using a rapid hammer motion to indent the work-piece, rather than removing material. This penetrating action means the material retains its strength and the user has more control over the tool compared to rotary-action engravers.

Boasting adjustable depth-of-point penetration, the Model 480 can be finely tuned for precise results on a wide range of hard and soft materials, like steel, alloys, plastics, glass, and even leather and linoleum.

Its casing is manufactured from injection-moulded nylon filled with glass spheres, making it lightweight yet strong and durable, as well as offering excellent resistance to warping, oils and abrasion. The Power Record engraver’s ergonomic shape is designed to fit comfortably in the hand for superior control.

Supplied in a handy storage case, the engraver comes with engraving points included:
• A2 Fine Carbide Point
• A4 Carbide Engraving Point
• A5 Standard Engraving Point
• A8 Abrasive Engraving Point

Enjoy the many applications of the Record Power Burgess 7417070 Model 480 Professional Engraver in the workshop and around the home. Purchase yours online today!

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