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Metalmaster JPP-1 Joggler & Punch Plier

In The Shed: Metalmaster JPP-1 Joggler & Punch Plier

The dual-function Metalmaster JPP-1 Joggler & Punch Plier is the ideal hand tool for sheet metal and vehicle body repairs that involve joining metal pieces together.

With a dual head featuring a crimp flange and punch tool, plus a 1mm sheet metal capacity, the Metalmaster JPP-1 Joggler & Punch Plier (Order Code: S200) is a clever two-in-one instrument.

Firstly, in crimp flange mode, pressure from one side forms a shallow, stepped edge (D13mm x W22mm crimp) so that a new overlapping sheet can sit flush.

Secondly, the hole punch mode leaves smooth, level joins (Ø5mm hole punch) in preparation for spot-welding.

Conversion from joggler to hole punch — and back again — is quick and simple thanks to the swivel head action… just rotate to activate!

The Metalmaster JPP-1 has a spring return handle and tool head. It’s also fitted with non-slip PVC grips for a secure, comfortable hold when working.

Easy to use and budget friendly, no metalworker should be without their Metalmaster JPP-1 Joggler & Punch Plier. Purchase yours online today!

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