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Hafco VB-100 Vice Brake Bender

In The Shed: Hafco VB-100 Vice Brake Bender

Cost-effective and easy to use, the Hafco VB-100 Vice Brake Bender fits into a bench vice to allow you to bend and fold sheet metal with precision and ease – simply slide the sheet metal in and bend by tightening the vice!

Hafco’s VB-100 Vice Brake Bender (Order Code: V050) consists of two parts: one is the blade that bends the sheet metal, the other is the 90-degree recess that the blade pushes into. They sit against the jaws of a bench vice and each sport a strong magnetic backing designed to keep them firmly in place.

This fantastic crafter's tool is capable of bending mild steel up to 100 x 2mm. It features a segmented blade so that you can make partial bends as well.

If you want to fabricate brackets, create U-shapes and crimp-tubing, make small boxes and more, you need a Hafco VB-100 Vice Brake Bender.

Sizes available:
100 x 2mm
125 x 2mm
150 x 2mmSee More Here