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Hafco Metalmaster AL-250G Bench Lathe

In The Shed: Hafco Metalmaster AL-250G Bench Lathe

If you’re looking to cut, knurl, drill or sand metal or wood down to create a new object — perhaps ornate legs for a dining table — the Hafco Metalmaster AL-250G Bench Lathe is a serious bit of gear.

The Hafco Metalmaster AL-250G Bench Lathe (Order Code: L149) is propelled by a 0.75kW/1hp 240V motor. Its 12-spindle speed geared headstock incorporates a speed selection lever and single progression dial. There’s also an enclosed quick-action gearbox for thread cutting and auto feeding. An oil sight glass for the headstock and gearbox ensures moving parts are well-lubricated for top performance.

Within the headstock, and holding one end of the rotating work-piece, the spindle features a 26mm bore, fixed nose and adjustable taper roller spindle bearings. The spindle switch — with emergency stop — lets the operator choose between forward and reverse. A safety guard surrounds the AL-250G bench lathe’s 130mm 3-jaw chuck with reverse jaws; a 4-jaw chuck (Order Code: L151) is also available as an option.

At the other extreme, the tailstock offers horizontal adjustment and quill graduations, as well as a quick-action locking lever.

The distance between centres measures 500mm, while the centre height is 125mm.

The hardened and ground bed has a width of 140mm. A cover is fitted to the leadscrew. The carriage features cross slide travel of 145mm and compound slide travel of 75mm. Furthermore, swing over bed equals 250mm and swing over cross-slide equals 150mm.

Specifications for the powered longitudinal and cross feeds are as follows:
• Cross feed range (X-axis) = 0.017 - 0.187mm/rev
• Longitudinal feed range (Z-axis) = 0.035 - 0.375mm/rev

The Metalmaster AL-250G Bench Lathe by Hafco is capable of metric thread cutting – it’s fitted with a metric thread chasing dial. There are 15 metric thread steps with a pitch range of 0.25 - 2.5mm.

Take your workshop or shed to the next level and kit it out with a Hafco Metalmaster AL-250G Bench Lathe. Click here for more!

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