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HS120 Table Saw with Sliding Bench

In The Shed: Scheppach Special Edition HS120 Table Saw with Sliding Bench

Ideal for sawing timber and other similar materials in the workshop or on construction sites, let’s look at the impressive specifications of the Scheppach Special Edition HS120 Table Saw with Sliding Bench.

Boasting German technology and a robust, powder-coated sheet steel design, the Scheppach HS120 Table Saw is engineered with the capability for ripping, cross-cutting, bevelling and performing a number of compound angle cuts.

A powerful 2.2kW / 3hp 240V induction motor with brake is coupled to a high-quality, long-lasting TCT saw blade with Ø315mm x 24 teeth.

Blade height is easily adjustable via the hand wheel. Such adjustment of the blade position lets you achieve cleaner cuts from various material thicknesses. All, of course, while working safely thanks in part to a blade guard with Ø100mm dust outlet.

Set at an 800mm work height, the galvanised steel table measures 550 x 800mm. The Scheppach HS120 comes with a 400 x 800mm extension piece supplied, which can be attached to either the side or rear of the table top. Therefore, you also have the option of a:
● 950 x 800mm work table (with the side extension)
● 550 x 1600mm work table (with the rear extension)
The sliding table —it has a 200m stroke — comes with a mitre guide and a solid cross-cut fence for increased accuracy.

For bevel applications, this product from Scheppach features an 83mm depth of cut at 90° as well as a 49mm depth of cut at 45°.

All this performance is wrapped up in a portable package. Built-in wheels are handy for quick and easy transportation to, from and around the shed or worksite.

The Scheppach Special Edition HS120 Table Saw represents incredible value for money. Purchase yours online today!

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