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EDBD-13 Drill Sharpener

In The Shed: HAFCO EDBD-13 Drill Sharpener

The user-friendly, hand-operated HAFCO EDBD-13 Drill Sharpener (Order Code: D070) restores blunt drill bits back to their original condition.

This quality piece of equipment can sharpen both metric and imperial drill bits, with a drill sharpening capacity of 3 - 13mm and 1/8 - ½” respectively.

HAFCO’s EDBD-13 Drill Sharpener is capable of split point sharpening and grinds two flute drills of unlimited length.

It features a single adjustable chuck-holding system, 118º fixed drill point as well as a built-in drill bit setting guide to ensure sharpening at the correct angle.

The diamond wheel provides a superior grind finish and hones the drill bit to a sharp cutting edge. Available for purchase as an optional accessory is the replacement CBN grinding wheel for high-speed steel (Order Code: D0705). It’s made from Cubic Boron Nitride, which is a long-lasting abrasive product similar to synthetic industrial diamonds.

Weighing in at 5kg and boasting tough plastic construction, this drill bit sharpening tool is driven by an 80W 240V motor operating at 4200rpm.

Quick and easy to use, the HAFCO EDBD-13 Drill Sharpener is a must-have for any workshop big or small. Purchase yours online today!

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