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CDS-2/3 Cyclone Dust Separator

In The Shed: HAFCO Woodmaster CDS-2/3 Cyclone Dust Separator

Designed as a pre-filter for your dust collector, the HAFCO Woodmaster CDS-2/3 Cyclone Dust Separator (Order Code: W316) has no moving parts – so there’s nothing to wear out, clog up or replace.

Manufactured in Taiwan, it’s suitable for dust collectors up to 3Hp. The CDS-2/3’s primary advantage is its ability to extract and hold large particles and chips before they reach the dust collector impellers - it separates up to 99% of dust from the air stream prior to the filter. This prevents the dust collector from clogging, resulting in no more loss of suction from blocked filters. In turn, this saves time and money on replacement filters and collection bags, while letting you work safer and for longer.

HAFCO’s Woodmaster CDS-2/3 Cyclone Dust Separator is fitted with a Ø152mm inlet sporting twin Ø100mm reducers, as well as a Ø152-25mm stepped outlet reducer (152mm, 125mm, 100mm, 75mm, 63mm, 50mm and 25mm).

The large 110-litre metal drum — which is capable of running dust bags, too — features quick-action clamps with airtight rubber seals. There’s also a sight glass window for keeping tabs on the waste level. This mobile collection bin from HAFCO is fitted with swivel wheels as well as lifting handles for easy transport and disposal.

An essential item for woodworkers professional and amateur alike, the HAFCO Woodmaster CDS-2/3 Cyclone Dust Separator is fantastic value when you buy it online. Purchase yours today!

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