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117R - Blacksmiths Cast Steel Anvil

Weighs 79.2kg
665 x 162 x 195mm
When it is time to manipulating or shape metal, the 117R blacksmithing anvil made from quality cast-steel is central to almost everything that happens in a blacksmith’s workshop. Whether you are hand crafting a sword, knife, armour, tools or decorative scroll work, you will need to use this pivotal tool at some point in the fabrication process.

The 117R cast-steel anvil has metal properties that offer a hard but tough exterior working face to deliver greater durability and maintenance free product. Another key advantage of a cast steel anvil is it's more likely not to dent, fracture or chip compared to other models like wrought-iron or cast-iron anvils.

The heavy-duty anvil also has a 28mm square and 26mm round through hole cast into the top to hold your tooling or metal in place and the machined flat top surface measures a total of 425mm and offers ample of work area to pound the metal into shape.
  • Made from durable cast steel
  • 28mm square through hole
  • 26mm round through hole
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