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CNC Turning Centre
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Order Code: L7503
LYNX 300 - CNC Turning Centre
LYNX 300
Max Turning Ø
Turning Length
Chuck Ø
Bar Ø Capacity
Tool Stations
Spindle Speed
Spindle Motor
Doosan Fanuc I Series
EZI Guide I Conversational
Basic Specifications
- 651mm Swing Over Bed
- 461mm Swing Over Saddle
- 765mm Turning Length
- 450mm Turning Ø
- 220kg Main Spindle Capacity, 370kg Shaft Work Capacity

Main Spindle
- 76mm Bar Capacity
- 250mm Ø Hydraulic Chuck
- 3500RPM Spindle Speed
- 15kW Spindle Power
- 191Nm Spindle Torque

- MT4
- 80mm Quill Ø
- 120mm Quill Travel
- Programmable Positioning

- 12 Station Turret
- 25mm Square / 40mm Ø Tool Capacity

CNC Control
- Doosan Fanuc I Series (0i-MD) CNC Controller
- 10.4" Colour LCD Monitor
- Rigid-synchronised tapping
- Custom Macro B
- Ethernet Interface
- RS232 Interface
- USB & PCMCIA Memory Card Slot
- Doosan Ezi Guide "I" Conversational software:
- Graphical Turning Cycles
- Graphical Milling Cycles
- Full 3D Graphical Simulation
- Onboard G & M code assistance
- + more

Standard Equipment - Included
- 3 Jaw Hydraulic Power Chuck
- Chuck Cleaning Air Blast
- Coolant supply equipment
- Foot switches
- Transformer
- Full enclosure chip and coolant shield with front door interlock
- Hand tool kit
- Automatic lubrication equipment
- Comprehensive manuals incorporating, Operation, Maintenance, Programming, Spare Parts Diagrams, Hydraulic Schematics, Electrical Schematics and Ladder Diagrams.
- Safety name plates / tags where required
- Risk assessment
- Work light

Optional Equipment Included
- Chuck open close confirmation proximity switches
- Chip Conveyor (Side Discharge, Hinged Belt)
- Auto Tool Setter (Hydraulically operated)
- Coolant Oil Skimmer
- 7 Bar High Pressure Coolant
- Barfeed Interface
- Programmable Tailstock
- Auto Power Off Function

Standard Turret Tool Holder Package Included
- 4 x OD Tool Holder
- 1 x Extended OD Tool Holder
- 6 x ID Tool Holder
- 1 x Face Tool Holder (R & L)
- 1 x U Drill Cap
- 1 x Boring Sleeve Kit
- 1 x U Drill Sleeve Kit
- 1 x Hard & Soft Jaws Main and Sub

Local Service and Support
- Commissioning & Testing Included
- Comprehensive Operator Training Included
- Hare and Forbes In House Service And Applications Staff
- Ongoing Support For Life Of The Machine

Product Brochure
Brochure Lynx 300 series
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