Lathe & Mill Drill Combination Package
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    Left View
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    Front View
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    Toolpost Removed for Milling Application
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    Shown on Optional Stand
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    TU 2506V Lathe Shown with Optional Stand
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    TU 2506V Front View with Optional Stand
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    TU 2506V Left View with Optional Stand
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    TU 2506V Safety Chuck Guard
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    TU 2506V Lathe Controls
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    TU 2506V Digital Speed Readout
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    TU 2506V Indicator Table
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    TU 2506V Spindle & Gearbox Controls
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    TU 2506V Feed and Thread Gearbox
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    TU 2506V Variable Speed Dial
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    TU 2506V 3 Jaw Chuck
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    TU 2506V Saddle Left View
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    TU 2506V Saddle Front View
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    TU 2506V Saddle Right View
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    TU 2506V Toopost and Safety Guard
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    TU 2506V Mill Table
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    TU 2506V Compound Slide
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    TU 2506V Cross Feed Handle
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    TU 2506V Saddle Hand Wheel
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    TU 2506V Compound Slide Hand Wheel
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    TU 2506V Thread Chasing Dial
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    TU 2506V Feed Engagement Lever
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    TU 2506V Tailstock
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    TU 2506V Tailstock Quil
  • 30 of 48
    TU 2506V Tailstock Adjustment
  • 31 of 48
    TU 2506V Tailstock Quill Hand Wheel
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    TU 2506V Induction Hardened and Ground Bed
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    TU 2506V Lathe Parts
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    BF 20AV Mill Head
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    BF 20AV Safety Cutter Guard
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    BF 20AV Quill Depth Digital Readout
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    BF 20AV Variable Spindle Speed & Spindle DRO
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    BF 20AV Quill Fine Adjustment
  • 39 of 48
    BF 20AV Drawbar
  • 40 of 48
    BF 20AV Quill Handle
  • 41 of 48
    BF 20AV High Low Geared Drive
  • 42 of 48
    BF 20AV Dovetail Column
  • 43 of 48
    BF 20AV Z-Axis Scale
  • 44 of 48
    BF 20AV Z-Axis Hand Wheel
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    BF 20AV Swivel Head Lock
  • 46 of 48
    BF 20AV Light
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    Rear View
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    Mill Attachment Bracket
Order Code: K147
TU-2506V-20M - Lathe & Mill Drill Combination Package (240V)
250 x 550mm
Included BF-20AV Mill Head
On Special
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inc GST

Package Contains:
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inc GST
KIT Includes
TU-2506V & BF-20AV
Lathe Specifications
Tool Height To Suit
Distance Between Centres
Swing Over Bed
Swing Over Cross Slide
Centre Height
Spindle Bore
Spindle Nose Type
Bed Width
Headstock Taper
Tailstock Taper
Cross Slide Travel
Compound Slide Travel
Longitudinal Feed (z)
Metric Thread Range
0.2 - 3.5mm
Imperial Thread Range
8 - 56TPI
Three Jaw Chuck Size
Four Jaw Chuck Size
Spindle Speeds
Variable (150 - 2500rpm)
Motor Power - Lathe
1.2kW / 1.6hp
Voltage - Lathe
Mill Specifications
Spindle Taper
Column Type
Swivel Head (Left ~ Right)
Vertical Travel (Z-Axis)
Drilling Capacity
End Milling Capacity
Face Milling Capacity
Spindle Speeds Vertical (steps/rpm)
Variable (90-3000rpm)
Motor Power - Mill
0.85kW / 1.13hp
Voltage - Mill
Weight (nett)
TU-2506V-20M Combination Lathe & Mill-Drill consist of TU-2506V bench lathe & BF-20AV mill head

A variable speed Lathe & Mill-Drill combination machine of very modern design with many convenient facilities has greater capacity due to the larger milling drilling head model BF-20AV. In addition the mill head also incorporates a digital readout display ideal for the enthusiastic model engineer or with limited space in the work shop. A very rigid cast iron bed with ground slide-ways gives a high level of precision.

Featuring as standard on the lathe is a longitudinal power feed, quick lock tailstock, both metric and imperial thread cutting capability and also including a milling & drilling head to turn this machine into a very versatile & capable small all round machine. This machine is suitable for bench mounting, but recommended the addition of the optional stand so not to take up valuable bench space. We are sure this machine will please the model engineer or the serious enthusiast.
  • LATHE: TU-2506V
  • Ideal for small workshops
  • Electronic infinitely variable speed 150-2500rpm
  • Easy to read digital readout speed display
  • Ribbed prism bed made of grey cast iron
  • Inductively hardened and ground bed guideways
  • Spindle nose accuracy 0.009mm
  • 3 Jaw chuck running accuracy 0.04mm
  • Forward & reverse spindle direction switch
  • Automatic longitudinal feed
  • Metric & Imperial thread cutting
  • Enclosed feed and threading gearbox

  • MILL: BF-20AV
  • Electronic infinitely variable speed
  • 3MT spindle taper
  • Dovetail vertical Z-Axis
  • Digital readout speed display
  • Work light mounted underneath mill head
  • Digital depth display with zero reset for quill
  • Tilting head to ± 90° from vertical
  • 2 speed gearbox (high / low) drive
  • Forward and reverse spindle switch
  • Scale collars for all Axis are adjustable
  • Adjustable dovetail slideway on Z-Axis
  • Adjustable drill length stop
  • Metric dial graduations
  • LATHE:
  • 125mm 3-jaw chuck
  • Change gears for metric & Imperial thread cutting
  • Chuck guard
  • Toolpost guard
  • Dead Centre
  • 3-jaw chuck with reversible jaws
  • Swarf tray
  • Rear splash guard

  • MILL:
  • 3MT x JT6 drill chuck arbor
  • Safety cutter guard
  • Bracket kit for optional digital readout
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  • TU-2506V-20M (K147)
KIT Includes
Lathe Specifications
Tool Height To Suit
Distance Between Centres
Swing Over Bed
Swing Over Cross Slide
Centre Height
Spindle Bore
Spindle Nose Type
Bed Width
Headstock Taper
Tailstock Taper
Cross Slide Travel
Compound Slide Travel
Longitudinal Feed (z)
Metric Thread Range
Imperial Thread Range
Three Jaw Chuck Size
Four Jaw Chuck Size
Spindle Speeds
Motor Power - Lathe
Voltage - Lathe
Mill Specifications
Spindle Taper
Column Type
Swivel Head (Left ~ Right)
Vertical Travel (Z-Axis)
Drilling Capacity
End Milling Capacity
Face Milling Capacity
Spindle Speeds Vertical (steps/rpm)
Motor Power - Mill
Voltage - Mill
Weight (nett)
Price (ex GST)
Price (inc GST)

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