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Digital Caliper, Dial & Test Indicator, Magnetic Base & Holder Package Deal
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Digital Caliper, Dial & Test Indicator, Magnetic Base & Holder Package Deal
4 Way
MeasumaX Measuring package includes the following:
1 x Q180 150/6" Digital Caliper
1 x Q435 Magnetic Base
1 x Q211 0-10mm Dial Indicator
1 x Q217 0-0.08mm Dial Test Indicator
1 x Q437 70mm Dial Test Indicator Holder
  • Q180 150/6" Digital Caliper:
  • Accuracy DIN862.
  • Large clear LCD on/off, Metric/Imperial, Zero switches-Zero setting at any position ABS/INC
  • Hardened S/S mechanism with patented technology
  • Four way measurement
  • Splash proof electronic unit, measurement tracking speed 40"/sec
  • Supplied in fitted blow mould case

  • Q435 Magnetic Base:
  • Accepts all MX Dial Indicators
  • V-Base for placing on round surfaces
  • On/Off lever releases magnet
  • No risk of marring polished surfaces
  • Mounts test indicators with 1/4" spigot
  • On/Off switch conveniently located

  • Q211 0-10mm Dial Indicator:
  • Face ΓΈ58mm - Back plate mounting lug
  • Smooth movement
  • In-out tolerance marker
  • Supplied in foam lined plastic case with calibration certificate

  • Q217 0-0.08mm Dial Test Indicator:
  • The dial test indicator is ideally suited for all kinds of comparative measurements in the workshop and inspection room
  • It also can be used together with machine tools, apparatus and other measuring devices - Steel ball end
  • Jewel movement - measuring in both directions

  • Q437 70mm Dial Test Indicator Holder:
  • Accepts all MX dial test indicators
  • Dovetail slide clamp

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Diagital Caliper Manual
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